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Learn guitar, bass, ukulele or mandolin

I teach school aged children and adult students online and in my studio. From beginners to advanced level students are all welcome. The first lesson is always free, so we have a chance to learn a bit about each other without any pressure or commitment. Contact me for details. Cheers - Z

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Our Guitar Gift cards are a great way to mark any occasion - Christmas, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Father's Day, anything from Graduation to Retirement. It is convenient and secure to buy and easy to use. Once you receive your Guitar Gift Card in the mail, just call or text 614-312-3534 to schedule the guitar lesson!

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Learn playing the guitar

The beginner guitar lesson is a perfect start to learn the basics of the instrument. You don’t need previous music experience. You’ll learn how to hold and tune the guitar, how to identify strings, frets and fingers. You’ll also learn basic guitar chords and the correct technique to switch between them seamlessly.

Beginner Guitar

Start your guitar journey

These lessons are beneficial for those who are already familiar with the basics and ready to build their song library. You’ll learn familiar songs you like and develop your repertoire. We will talk about chord progressions, strumming patterns, left and right hand techniques, and just enough theory to boost your learning.

Learning Songs

Build your repertoire

It is a lot of fun to play the blues on the guitar. I created this course to show you everything you need to know to start or advance your playing of the blues and join a local blues jam or perform at an open mic. Topics include pentatonic scales, chord variations, turnarounds and blues techniques such as bending or vibrato.

Play the Blues

Mastering blues

To become a musician you need a broader view than just song and techniques. Besides improving you as a guitarist, you’ll learn about improvisation, music theory, sight reading, song writing, constructing solos, playing different styles, pedals and amp tones and using notation and recording software programs.

Complete Musician

From guitarist to musician

Start your guitar lessons at no cost today!

Why learn guitar
The benefits of music education
According to the latest research, most activities use only small sections of the brain at a time. However, playing a musical instrument activates most parts in the brain. Music is indeed the same for the brain as a total workout for the body. Here are some benefits of music education:
  • It builds discipline, at the same time relieves stress.
  • It helps build self-esteem.
  • It improves and cultivates social and teamwork skills.
  • In many cases it improves academic skills.
  • It develops physical skills.
  • It enhances working memory and language learning.
  • It helps develop creative thinking and problem solving.
  • It provides a way of self-expression.

Guitar Blast

I am going to explain the best methods to tune your guitar in any situation.
  • How to use different kind of tuners
  • Tune by ear
  • Pro tuning tips
How to hold the guitar correctly? Improper posture will not only can set back on your technique, but may result in injuries.
  • Holding the instrument while sitting or standing
  • Strumming and strumming hand position
  • How to hold the guitar pick
about us

What can you expect?

Online Guitar Lessons

Online lessons are one on one, live video lessons. You can learn how to play guitar from home, you don’t need to travel or take your kid anywhere. It is as safe as your home is. You can use your PC, Mac, any laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

About Z

Z has been playing guitar for over 25 years in Europe and in the US. You can hear him playing in Standard Time, the Rick Brunetto Big Band, in the Famous Jazz Orchestra, and in musical theater productions around Columbus.

About The Music Studio

My private music studio is located at 80 Grace Drive, in the heart of Powell, Ohio. It is within 10 miles from Dublin, Delaware, Lewis Center, Westerville, Worthington, Clintonville, Northwest Columbus, and Hilliard.

Playing Solos

You will learn how to build your own guitar solos. We’re going to cover concepts such as themes, repetition, improvisation, leaving space, phrasing, dynamics, and how to play over chord changes in different genres.


Writing a song is not a mystery. I am going to show you how and why songs are working and how you can start composing and arranging your own music. Ask me about these lessons and start writing songs!

Styles and Genres

We will use backing tracks to learn playing songs in different music styles, including blues, rock, pop, folk, funk, latin and jazz. We will talk about stylistic elements, typical guitar tones, pedal and amp settings.

Music Theory

I make sure that you understand how to apply the concepts what you learn to real life guitar playing. I can also help those who will study music in college and want to prepare for the audition process.

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